About Aaron Packles

Currently serving as Head of Banks Investment Banking at the New York, New York headquarters of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Aaron Packles began his career with the world’s foremost corporate and investment banking firm as a member of the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) division. During this period, Aaron Packles served as COO of the M&A group and played a key role in the execution of several of the institution’s most significant transactions, including the $112 billion purchase of Warner Lambert by Pfizer and P&G’s $54 billion buyout of Gillette.

In 2008, Aaron Packles transferred from the M&A division to the Financial Institutions business. As Head of Banks Investment Banking, he directs and supervises Bank of America’s strategic advising and capital financing practice for banking clients throughout the United States. Since assuming his present role, Aaron Packles has advised the U.S. Treasury on strategies for divesting in banking institutions weakened during the 2008 financial crisis. Further, he earned the top position in the industry as lead rainmaker in both 2010 and 2014.

Outside of his work with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Aaron Packles supports several philanthropic organizations serving the greater New York City area. As a contributor to United Way of New York City, he helps back the development of poverty relief initiatives throughout the city. He also seeks to maintain the breadth of free services offered by the Queens Library by helping to provide funding for the Queens Library Foundation.


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